Studio Factor Respects Your Privacy

Welcome to Studio Factor — it's an idea as much as a place. That said, whether a site or space, Studio Factor has no intention of being hurtful in any way with the information it needs to collect to do business. Trying to play by the Golden Rule in life and thus want to treat our neighbours’ data with the utmost respect.

Names and numbers for communication, with no end of communication devices these days, phone, e-mail, social media, post, the reality is if you want to communicate with it you have to engage the other end of the “tin can" or communication address of some kind. Studio Factor will encourage these engagements. You, of course, may decline.

In working with workshops it is helpful to know relative skill levels, so ages or grades are often asked, only develop appropriate plans. If Studio Factor doesn’t need it, we don’t collect it.

Studio Factor encourages connection and interconnection and networking, but not if it violates your privacy.

Studio Factor will NOT, NOT EVER sell your information to anyone!

Studio Factor will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any financial information you provide us, including credit card numbers, heck, it will get shredded. If we need it again, we can ask again. Call it annoying, or secure.

We ask you to respect the privacy preferences of other Studio Factor participants.

Studio Factor asks you to remember that any information you choose to post publicly (comments, photos, videos, even coffee time chatter), is, well, public.

Studio Factor will do its utmost to provide a safe venue for messy ideas, whether physically or in cyberspace. Studio Factor will not be liable for any damages or injury caused by, including but not limited to, any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, line failure, technical inaccuracies, typos or the inability to use the materials from Studio Factor or its site. Ultimately, you are responsible for living and at your own risk.

Ideas are fluid and visual concepts are increasingly able to be transferred. Careful. Artwork, design as well as words have copyright. Don't be calling other people's ideas your own, don’t be copying. Studio Factor is big on building up other people and their visual notions. If Studio Factor is promoting someone’s work, it does not mean it is Studio Factor's, but the copyright remains with the owner of the work. You must respect other people’s creative intelligence and copyright as well. Not a privacy issue, but it seemed like a logical place for it.

If for any reason Studio Factor ceases to exist, we will do our best to find closure and removal of residual digital information and we would ask that you help by destroying all materials obtained from this site.
Common Sense disclaimers:

If you are at Studio Factor's physical site - if you or your child needs medical attention, well, you would give people the information they need to do their job right?

Public information is different from private knowledge. For example, if you are a business and are marketing your goods or services and someone asks “What's the number of so and so, and who does such and such?” Studio Factor would encourage such an exchange of information. It's called interdependence.

If Studio Factor is unsure if the information is private or public, we may refer you to the phone book or a search engine. Good hunting.

Keep private things private.


If you find a typo or a flaw, your feed back or alert to it is welcomed.