Donna Hirtle Bio

Donna Hirtle—a facilitator for arty experiences. Long ago the University of Guelph presented me with a Honours BA in Fine Art and four years of a wonderful visual stretches. Later Humber College would have to admit I was a college drop out from their Advertising and Graphic Design programme, although boasting top marks.
    Print graphics became a handle for an arty but nebulous skill set. Words need “pop” and I hoed those rows with a dark room, waxing machine and x-acto “ancient tools.” World Vision Canada was entering the digital world when I was also ready to leap into the Mac generation of design. Lucky break in a paradise of many fun graphic jobs.
    Growing up rural, as a fish farmer’s daughter, I saw results from thinking outside the box. Ex-dairy farmers, a teacher mom and mechanic dad, modeled entrepreneurship. Farming was a way of life and so was self employment, it presented a track that got me wondering about opportunities (in overalls) daily. My quest for visual has also transpired into self employment through Studio Factor. Art in a rural community is a foreign concept yet, and for me it was a mix worth exploring.
    Credentials in a nut shell have a way of minimizing life. They leave no room for the first time crayons hit paper, while watching a bird from a window, the discovery that colouring inside the lines and in the same direction bored me, or the intensity of unfolding dangerous thoughts on mere paper. Resumes, don’t chronicle moments.
    My world view sprang from the wonderment of living in a beautifully designed creation, when my first love revealed himself as a Satanist. That’s a collide! Long story short I became a Jesus follower.
    Marrying, parenting, a home business, home schooling and a vortex of life shifts led to the present, which allowed a revisit of skill sets long shelved. Water colour, drawing, acrylic, print making, sculpture... and my biggest drawing tool ever; a long arm quilting. The stuff of messy creativity needed space. Studio Factor became the sanctuary for “visual stretch” and many visual moments for others as well. Studio Factor, a safe place for messy ideas.