Zut Alors {to my French savvy—sorry, the A-Z theme was working for me here}

Zut Alors
Creative Block is a Beast

Zut alors, creative bock is a beast.
Yodeling ideas is a burn out.
eXactly. Experimental flops about wanting.
White space on canvas, paper, sketchbook, screen—blank.
Remember when? Rumination rewinds and reveals random nothingness.
Quit it—cue the violins or get over yourself!
“Pump it up” and push on.
Open the door and start again.
Never-mind the over the top, just ignore the vastness.
Make way for two things.
Limitation produces a need; let go and whittle.
Knead the moment whether in sunshine or fog.
Jostle the fuzzy bits.
Ideas come from both solitude and frenzy.
Hazard a mark, and let it take hold.
Gentle or guttural, stake it.
Focus and find movement a and stir or find substantial statuesque.
Edit the distractions.
Determine to repeat.
Could it be a series? {Count on work ahead.}
Bring out the brush bold. The brazen has begun. Beckon brave.
Argue the arty angst. Adventure awaits.

© Donna Hirtle