Post clever

Clever used to be a status, rather a level of social aclaime—a razzle dazzle that rose above mediocracy. Clever, is no longer. Everyone is clever. Somehow in the world of Google, so much can fall away in terms of supposed ability. On some levels this is a beautiful thing. On others it has me quaking in the nakedness of it all.

The foibles of the trying to look good in front of peers, competition, or the all kinds of blemishs by comparison.

SO what’s the creative soul to do? Admit that the gold star world is illusive? Perhaps, not to negate EXCELLENCE, {that's another matter}. Work a little harder, a little longer? Package an ear for endearment? Or, admit to myself that, this, is who I am? Admit to myself, that as much as I love adoration, cleverness, will not be part of the equation. Happiness is fleeting, temporal even. Joy, contentment, relationships are within reach. Remind me please.