Bees and Bears

Sentimentality or practicality? Our little town is hosting its annual agricultural fair. This year’s theme—Bees and Bears. Catchy. For what ever reason submitting a category into the fair book seems like a rural thing to do when one doesn’t have a tractor to pull, car to derby, quilt to show case, nor jams to judge. So Studio Factor sponsors opportunities for young children and old farts the chance to to create something with the teaser of a few bucks, perhaps towards their latest techno wish list. For the old farts, is it bragging rights?

It is very quaint isn’t it? Alas, part of Mayberry memories are gone (Andy Griffith, rest in peace), however, our longing for a simpler time renewed as the fair perpetuates. Don’t get me wrong. I love the fair. The dusty dawdle of neighbourhood chin-wagging, while checking out all things handy work and crafty, well, it’s lovely. But, is it pragmatic?

Farm stock and arty is a weird fit. Art isn’t always about what to hang on the wall. Personally, I like to think of it as “Problem Solving 101.” Wrestling with an idea until it is either worthy of showing someone, or ready for the trash, because another idea needs to come forward. Painting bees rather than propagating them. {Yay, hubby, for keeping our larder sweet.} It’s odd.

Bears, in this part of Ontario, well that is just goofy. That said, bring out the your picnic basket, August the 9. For that is the day, the Teddy Bears are going to have their picnic! Guess who’s helping with that event?

I wrestle.