Creative Jump Start for a New Year?

Pen and pencils and preferred colour tools at the ready. On a sketch book page, doodle and pen quick responses to the following...don't take this too seriously. { Not intended as a gallery piece, just a chance to look at your own arty in a fresh way. }

What goals do I have for being better at this arty thing? Too lofty a question, but, write down the question and draw three large blazing arrows popping out. Leave blanks to fill in later if need be.

Where do I want to be stretched? Draw a impromptu dachshund and pen the answer in the body.

What is my favourite colour? Splash some down on the page. Make it BIG, wet, loose! Why is it a favourite colour? Write it down beside the splash. Is there anything that annoys me about this colour? Odd question regarding a favourite, but does it fade, does it “granulate,” does it become too saturated to fast? Write those features down.

What is my second favourite colour? Draw or paint a bit with that colour in a purposeful way on the page. If it reminds you of an ocean, try throwing some waves down in a pattern. Blue for clouds, draw them fluffy in the negative. Where do I want to see more of this hue! Any annoying features with this chroma? If so, write those features down.

Least favourite colour? Now introduce the dreaded colour into the favourites...even if just a simple dashed line, especially if wet and it will run! Now use that detestable colour to create something beautiful. Maybe some lace or foliage. A zentangle, a pattern, perhaps fur?

Sketching and drawing. Draw a little doodle of something in front of myself right now. Write down the answers or prompts to the following questions. Do I have a sketch book or even stack of paper? Where do I keep it/them? Am I willing to move it to another spot for a time? What tools will I put beside the sketchbook? When will I take 5-10 minutes to use it? What is a subject that I could tolerate doing a mini series of?

Draw a rectangle and fill in the names of two artists who inspire me in a grand way.
Why do they inspire me? Spin off the answers regarding—am I willing to read about them, get a calendar of their work, find where are they in the library? Maybe it is time to look up if any one made a posted a YouTube movie about their work. Is there a title of a book or movie that I want to remind myself to research their work more closely? Write it down.

Write down this question: “No matter how small I find my world to be, would I consider showing the world what I do?” Draw a two boxes, and label “yes” and another “no.” Place a check mark in one of them and write why! If yes was checked consider stating where a place to show the work might be. How many pieces? When? Who might I tell? Write it all down.

Go back to the first three arrows and their blanks. Can I fill any of the blanks in?

Regardless of what the doodle page has come up with see if anything can be added to make it a quick composition. Is there a neutral colour that can be sprayed all over the background? Are there lines or bubbles that can be connected? Large numbers or roman numerals might help to tell the story?

Sign it and date it in the bottom right hand corner!