Writers Unite

  • Studio Factor 24a Wood Street ON, N0G 1P0 Canada

Ruckus writers meet first Friday of most months, 7:30 - 9:30 pm (that said they often go later), 24a Wood St to spur one another on. They will probably even give you homework...but it is all for the sake of good encouragement and growing.

Please do connect prior to setting out...there are the odd months they take a session off. {Here, I will say it for you, “Slackers.” Feel better now? Well, you shouldn’t, they might even conscript you for a snack. For the record...Donna would be the slacker in this class because that is where I go to doodle.}

Contact local writer and publisher, Glynis Belec ~ writer@glynisbelec.com
They will gladly tell you more.

$4 per evening {saving to bring in speakers}

May 5 | June 2 | July 7 | August 4 | September 1 | October 6 | November 3 | December 1, 2017